At Del Mar Ballet, we strive for all children to be inspired and express their creative inner artist!

Ballet technique is the foundation for all forms of dance and should be included in every dancer’s training. Our progressive, healthy curriculum is designed to challenge students at each level while not overwhelming them. Through the study of ballet technique, students learn correct body alignment which is of utmost importance in the prevention of injuries and it helps each dancer to achieve their highest potential.

While not every student aspires to a career in dance, Del Mar Ballet will insure that those who do wish to pursue a career as a professional dancer will be fully prepared.  Class focus is equal in ballet technique as well as feeling the joy of dance. Being an artist as well as having clean healthy technique is a goal of every class. There is a holistic approach to Del Mar Ballet's ballet & dance curriculum.

Healthy alignment and technique catered to each individual dancer; strength building to keep dancers in the competitive pre-professional mix; focus on individual artistic style and developing their movement vocabulary; as well as exposing DMB dancers to a variety of dance forms: jazz, musical theater, modern dance, improv, choreographic composition,... even Bhangra! 

A full, well thought out program to develop a savvy dancer ready to take on their love of dance!