Guest Artist, Jayne Persch is back in August!

August is filled with wonderful dance classes, workshops, and intensives. And a favorite guest teacher is returning now to Pacific Arts Dance Center!

Jayne Persch will be teaching Ballet and Horton, and offering her workshops, Embodied Awareness Technique, this August. Mrs Persch wealth of knowledge focuses on healthy body alignment and injury prevention. Her workshops are truly a must to the start of the new dance season to stay strong and healthy as a dancer! 

EMBODIED AWARENESS WORKSHOPS  great information for dancers, choreographers, performers, therapists, gyro  & pilates teachers, movers and athletes and the general population interested in personal care and well-being.  Deepen your awareness of yourSelf, your Awareness and your work and the journey of body/mind awareness. Embodied Awareness is personal  anatomical understanding in functional movement for dancer & movement - for sparkling technique, artistry and performance; injury prevention rehab. EA is easily applied into all techniques for ballet, modern and contemporary dance as well as tai chi and yoga - pilates, gyro, martial arts and aerial.

Mrs Persch is highly certified. Her Conditioning is called Embodied Awareness for Movement and BRIAH Technique. They were resented at IADMS International Association for Dance Medicine and Science as well as IDA international Dance Association at University of Bologna (Italy). This is also a Teacher Training and Certification. Jayne is also certified in the ABT National Training Curriculum through Level 7.

Jayne Persch will be a guest artist at PADC for 2 weeks, August 7th - August 19th.