Del Mar Ballet Studio Policies

One of the great aspects of studying dance is learning discipline and mental focus. Students will also learn proper classroom and theater etiquette and will be expected to behave accordingly. Proper behavior shows respect for the teacher, the studio and the art form.

Please be mindful that classes are formed, teachers are hired and the business is structured based on the number of students enrolling in a class, program and division. Enrollment is considered a Sept. 2nd –May 30th commitment.




·       Students arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class.

·       Dress code will be enforced.

·       No food or gum in the studios - water is OK.

·       All classes are subject to change and Del Mar Ballet reserves the right to hire a substitute teacher in the event that the regular teacher is unable to attend.

·       Del Mar Ballet is not responsible for your child before or after class, or off our premises. Please escort your child to and from class and be on time.

·       Del Mar Ballet is not responsible for any injury incurred during class or rehearsal. However, the health of our students is of utmost importance to us, and every measure will be taken to insure that our students are provided the environment for a healthy learning experience.

·       Please notify the director of any health problems or injuries a student might have.




·       Enrollment at Del Mar Ballet is considered a Sept. 2nd -May 30th commitment. It is considered a school year Contract Enrollment that the payee is responsible for the entire school year. Students electing to pay in monthly installments must continue to pay monthly for the remainder of the dance year (September through May).

·       The annual tuition can be pre-paid in full at time of registration with a 10% discount. Please note that if pre-paying the annual tuition, there will not be any refunds should the student/parent decide to withdraw except for extended, new injury or illness (with Dr.'s note).

·      Annual tuition can also be paid in monthly installments (9 total) and are due the 1st of every month (Sept - May). If you have pre-registered, the Sept. payment was paid at the time of registration. To reduce administrative costs, autopay for every student’s account is required.

·      Monthly tuition is the same each month regardless of closures, holidays, etc as the tuition is averaged throughout the school year with closures and holidays in mind.

·      There is a yearly, non-refundable Registration fee of $35 per student.

·      There will be a $25 charge for bounced checks and a $25 late fee applied to tuition received after the 5th of the month.

·      Sibling discounts are available.




Please be mindful that classes are formed based on the number of students enrolling in a class, program and division. Withdrawing from a class has the potential of causing the class to close for the entire group, as we need to maintain a minimum enrollment level for each class. Divisions, programs and classes not only operate for an individual but as a group. Any withdrawal disrupts the entire group process as well as putting the class sustainability at risk.

·      Any student wishing to discontinue dance instruction during the year may do so by notifying Del Mar Ballet in writing in the form of our Notice to Terminate Form (see front desk) no less than 30 days prior to the last day of any calendar month and before the last trimester of the dance year, thereby releasing the student from further tuition obligations. Example, student wishes to stop classes Jan 1st, we will need the Notice to Terminate no later than November 30th.  Parents/Students shall be responsible for the payment balance of the 30 days notice.

·      There will be NO WITHDRAWALS after March 1st, 2015 except for the special cases listed below. Payee is responsible for payment for remainder of school year


  • Extended, new injury or illness (with Dr.'s note)
  • Out of the area move

·       If you and your child choose to register for classes based on a previous injury, no refund will be granted for missed classes as a result of a known injury. You are choosing to take class at your own risk and payment will be expected even if an old injury flares up.

·       Once a student withdraws, with a 30 days written notice, there is no guarantee the student will have the opportunity to come back into the same division they had been in, based the other students improving, class size, etc.

·       Make-up classes are permitted within the same month as the absences. Please check with the directors for appropriate classes. Make-up classes may not be applied to future months or applied to another student.




·       Payment for Performance Company Participation is due at the beginning of the season, by Sept. 13th, at a discounted rate for all 3 shows, or deadlines include….

  • Nutcracker fee Sept 13th
  • Spring Concert/Choreographers Showcase due Dec. 6th
  •  Little Mermaid Ballet: Jan. 24th

·       These fees guarantee that your child will get cast in the production and will be rehearsing 2x to 3x a week. They will also have training in the rehearsing and performing process.

·       Casting will be up to the directors involved in the show and there will be positive, age-appropriate auditions for each show.

In order to support the planning and preparations for the show there are NO REFUNDS for performance fees, even if the student chooses to withdraw from show.